Kubernetes Fury Distribution. Quick Start

Create a Fury Kubernetes Cluster

1 minute read

In this quick start guide we will create a Kubernetes cluster and after that we will deploy the KFD distribution on top of it.

Remember CNCF terminology:

  • Installers: Its input is some infrastructure components offering a common output: an Upstream Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Distribution: Its input is an Upstream Kubernetes Cluster with a Kubernetes Certified Distribution as output.

Both cluster creation alternatives, local and aws, are not part of SIGHUP Certified Kubernetes Installer offering (which are under construction). This Quick Start guide was created to give you an easy way to test the Certified Kubernetes Fury Distribution.

Local Kubernetes Cluster

Create a local cluster and install the distribution on top of it

AWS Kubernetes Cluster

Create a cluster in AWS and install the distribution on top of it


Deploy the distribution on top of a Kubernetes Cluster

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