Fury Kubernetes Distribution Modules

2 minute read

Kubernetes Fury Distribution was designed as a modular Kubernetes distribution. This modular design makes it possible to extend the distribution with new features.

Core Modules

Kubernetes Fury Distribution is composed by a set of Core Modules. These modules are a battle-tested set of tools that allows you to operate with confidence. It provides the network tools required to ensure connectivity through the cluster using Calico. How the cluster behaves along the containers are crucial, to keep track of. So the core monitor module is responsible to digest all the metrics of the cluster and its containers. Talking about containers and processes logs and traces are collected using fluentd in the logging core module. Once you know how the processes behave, let’s expose it to the real world through an ingress controller, for both internal and external communication with the ingress-nginx controller. Finally to increase the confidence over the complete system Kubernetes fury Distribution provides a disaster recovery to help to fix misconfigurations and human operation errors using Velero. OPA help us in the journey of secure the distribution along with workloads running in a cluster, you can achieve high levels of security writing your rules and policies or activating the one provided by this distribution.


SIGHUP Kubernetes Engineers are working to provide not only the core but addon modules. Addon modules can be considered as plugins to the Kubernetes cluster to provide additional features. Kubernetes Fury Distribution can be extended easily to allow service-mesh with Istio using just simply our add-on module. Also managing identities and access management solutions are provided by the keycloak add-on module. To help run your CI/CD pipelines in your infrastructure the gitlab-runner addon module is created to create runners inside the cluster easily. If your developers love mongo you can leverage on the mongodb addon module to configure it even on HA. Finally, stateful workloads can be stored with the glusterFS addon module.