External DB

External DB

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The external DB distribution is a package ready to be deployed in any Kubernetes cluster with available persistent volumes along with an external Postgres instance.


To configure this distribution you can follow the full-package distribution paying special attention to the database configuration section.

Database configuration

This distribution does not include a database server so you have to provide your DB instance details.

Due to some Kustomize limitation you will have to modify more than a couple of lines in a file to successfully customize database parameters.

You will need to find and replace DB parameters across multiple files:

Find %YOUR_DB_USER%, %YOUR_DB_PASSWORD%, %YOUR_DB_HOSTNAME%, %YOUR_DB_PORT% in the following files:


Note that you will find these placeholders more than once per file

Replace placeholders with your values to use your external DB.


The DB instance has to have four different databases already created:

  • clair: Used to store vulnerabilities data.
  • notaryserver: Notary used it to store server data.
  • notarysigner: Notary used to store image signature data.
  • registry: The core component uses it to save container image data.

TIP: Take a look to the default DB schemas created in the embedded DB instance used in the full-package distribution