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Kubernetes has adopted the Container Network Interface (CNI) specification for managing network resources on a cluster.

SIGHUP networking module makes use of CNCF recommended, Cloud Native project, Project Calico, open-source networking and network security solution for containers, virtual machines, and bare-metal workloads, to bring networking features to the Kubernetes Fury Distribution.

Supported platforms

The Fury Kubernetes Networking module can be deployed on the following platforms:

  • Kubernetes Fury AWS installer (no additional configuration required)
  • on-premise or unmanaged cloud clusters (Read deployment requirements to set up the right pod network CIDR).


On Kubernetes, we use Calico to enable networking capabilities and policy enforcement. The deployment of Calico consists of a daemon set running on every node (including control-plane) and a controller wich implements:

  • policy controller: watches network policies and programs Calico policies.
  • namespace controller: watches namespaces and programs Calico profiles.
  • serviceaccount controller: watches service accounts and programs Calico profiles.
  • workloadendpoint controller: watches for changes to pod labels and updates Calico workload endpoints.
  • node controller: watches for the removal of Kubernetes nodes and removes corresponding data from Calico.

Networking Packages

The following packages are included in the Fury Kubernetes Networking katalog. All the resources listed below are going to be deployed in the kube-system namespace in your Kubernetes cluster.

Package Description
calico Calico for Kubernetes. Calico enables networking and network policy in Kubernetes clusters across the cloud


Deploy your CNI plugin

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