Fury Kong Addon

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Our Kong module makes use of the official Kong ingress controller kustomize base manifests and extends it adding some Service Monitor and Rules.

Supported Platforms

The Fury Kubernetes Kong module can be deployed on the following platforms:

  • AWS (no additional configuration required)
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) - (no additional configuration required)
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) - (no additional configuration required)
  • on-premises or unmanaged cloud clusters (no additional configuration required)


The reference architecture used to deploy the Fury Kubernetes Kong Module is shown in the following figure:

Kong Architecture

The traffic from end users arrives to a Load Balancer that distributes the traffic between the available Kong Ingress Controllers (usually, one for each availability zone). Once the traffic reaches the Ingress Controller, the Ingress proxies the traffic to the service based on the URL and all Kong CRDs used to extend ingress functionality.

Kong Packages

Package Description
kong Kong ingress controller main package


Exposing your APIs in the cluster

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