Kubernetes Fury Distribution Modules


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The Kubernetes Fury Distribution is a pure Kubernetes Upstream distribution and it will turn any standard Kubernetes cluster into a production-grade and fully-configured cluster. Click here if you are interested in Enterprise Support for Fury. KFD extends Kubernetes without extending or rewriting the API server - this means that there is no vendor lock-in for your Kubernetes cluster.

KFD has a modular structure that makes it both simple and powerful.

Its core modules can make a simple cluster truly production-ready: you will have all the additional features - Monitoring, Logging, Disaster Recovery, CNI and Networking, Ingress Management, OPA - you need to truly use and control your cluster. At your fingertips, in minutes, with a few command-line instructions. That’s powerful.

Simplicity comes from the way modules are designed: every module has its versioning and release procedure. There are no strict requirements or interdependencies between modules, so each module can be developed and fully tested on its own. Modules are then combined into a single distribution for end-to-end testing and CNCF certification.

Add-on modules provide even more functionalities: Kong and Registry.

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