Customize Kubernetes Fury Distribution

Customize Kubernetes Fury Distribution

1 minute read

The Kubernetes Fury Distribution is designed to work out of the box in most Kubernetes scenarios, but in some cases, you might need to do some additional configuration. In this section you will find:

  • What to do while deploying this Distribution on top of a managed Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Deploy multiple ingress controller to enable internal and external communication to services in the cluster.
  • Deploy elasticsearch in High Availability.
  • Configure velero to use cloud capabilities

Managed Kubernetes Cluster customizations

Deploy modifications needed while running a Kubernetes managed service.

Customizing Ingress Controller

Customize ingress controller cluster to run two different ingress controller

Customizing Elasticsearch

Customize ElasticSearch cluster to run in HA

Customizing Disaster recovery module

Customize Velero to run using cloud resources