List of terms we use it in the documentation

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Part of the Fury Distribution, a module that is not required (e.g. Keycloack).
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Hosts critical components of the global technology infrastructure.
CNCF Certified
The official recognition from the CNCF attesting to the level of achievement. The Fury distribution currently holds this distinction
Core Module
Part of the Fury Distribution, Is a required module to run it. (e.g. networking).
The trademark SIGHUP uses for the Installer, distribution and CLI tools.
operator program that controls how the Fury distribution is managed
Node daemon that tracks fury distribution installations
Fury Distribution
The sum of all core modules and Addon modules, but addons are optional.
Fury Installer
A program that install a upstream kubernetes cluster on clouds or on-premises.
Kubernetes Fury Distribution, is one Fury distribution installation on an upstream Kubernetes cluster.
Its a platform for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation.
The written form of the usage of the product, the freedom to derivate the original work using the same licensing, and requirement for explicit consent to use trademarks or companies
Any core or addon module that installs in a kubernetes cluster
The collaboration method to work with SIGHUP
Severity Level
Technical support requests within a severity level are generally processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Level 1 problems that require immediate response or direct help of technical support specialists may be processed out of turn.
Service Level agreement.
An untainted package or program. (e.g. upstream kubernetes means that is not k3s, okd, etc)

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