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SIGHUP is developing every component as Open Source components. Every software piece built by SIGHUP team is available in its GitHub Organization.

As described in this documentation site, this distribution was designed in a modular fashion, so every module can have its independent release process. This makes it easy to release new features and bug fixes for each component.

If you want to contribute to any SIGHUP OSS component, we suggest the following indications:

Before sending us your contribution, please take a look at the corresponding SIGHUP’s repository in GitHub. What you have in mind could be already implemented and waiting to be released or even it could have been dismissed. If it’s not the case, you can either:

  • Open an issue into the git repository of the component you want to contribute explaining what you want to do, the motivation, etc.
  • Or, if you don’t have a GitHub account, you can send us an email to

Keep in mind that all contributions will have to be supported/maintained by SIGHUP in real production environments so we have to be sure what we are including in our stack.

If SIGHUP accepts the contribution, someone from SIGHUP’s Engineering Team will follow the contribution progress. The engineer who will follow this contribution will guide you through the development process in case of doubts.

There is also the possibility to join the #contributors channel in the SIGHUP slack group to improve the communication flow (email us to get access

In case you found a bug in our code, please refer to its own section.

For general guidance on how to develop at SIGHUP go to the developer section

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